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‘I promise you; I have never had a bad day in Hyderabad’

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Back with another interesting weekly feature of Hyderabad, The Pioneer connects with Emcee Preeti Shah, a multilingual presenter, sharing her association with Hyderabad.
Her zeal for emceeing is evident in the manner she presents spectacular events for our own Hyderabadis, and she is versatile and aware of her Hyderabadi audience. Emcee Preeti Shah, a multilingual presenter well-known in Hyderabad, is a native of Vijayawada. She is creating amazing memories as she hosts events for the city.
She begins for our weekly feature, “I am from Vijayawada, and when I wanted to pursue my professional journey, it started from Hyderabad where I started working in an MNC as a data analyst. I gradually updated my resume, learned new skills, and worked for a few different organisations. When I eventually got married and moved to Hyderabad, it felt like life comes full circle.”
Now that she has lived in the city for almost 16 years, she stated without hesitation that Hyderabad has been a fortunate place for her in both a personal and professional sense. The city has been kind to her and she has always advanced in all that she has done. More importantly, being single at the time made her always feel protected and comfortable!
She goes on, “My experiences were quite diverse and varied because I had the opportunity to work for a few different companies, interact with people of different backgrounds, and witness a shift in metro culture from my hometown. These experiences were accompanied by fantastic nightlife, incredible food, and shopping destinations. I promise you that I have never had a bad day in Hyderabad and that I truly feel like this is my homeland.”
Hyderabad, with its vast population and constantly expanding population in all zones, seems to offer endless opportunities for Emcees, according to her observations. This demonstrates how many Emcees are leaving their imprint outside of Hyderabad after leaving the city! The unique selling point of Hyderabad city is that every event she does has so much personality and distinction that it never feels like the same one twice. Furthermore, she stated, “My first impressions of Hyderabad are from those early months when I was excited to see the city, try the food, and go shopping for real goods, whether they were linked to clothes or décor. I will always remember these little joys, which are unique.”
There is always something new and exciting for her to present, whether it be in the form of social life, lively and varied family events, unparalleled cultural feasts, large-scale corporate events, or traveling from north to west zones. All of these things expand the opportunities and fungibility for the events industry, which benefits her as anchors. She constantly has a platform to learn new techniques for entertaining and to use new qualities that work for a diverse range of audiences, and she says thanks to the blending events and occasions in Hyderabad.
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