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‘I seriously would want to make, a fan base of my own down south’

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Actress Ridhima Pandit, who is all set to make her debut down South, gets candid with The Pioneer about shooting in Hyderabad, getting into the hearts of Tolly fans, and more.
Ridhima Pandit made many hearts flutter with her debonair looks, smile, and personality all these years on television. While she has grown by leaps and bounds as an actress since then, her charm refuses to fade away.
Re-strategizing herself and saying no to offers that she knew would not contribute to her growth as an actress, she is bouncing back with new vigor, and there has been no stopping her ever since. Her performances are giving her career a second wind—now in T’town.
Forthwith shooting in Hyderabad city for her tollywood debut, the actress opens up and says, “I already have an attachment with Hyderabad city—my father has completed his college studies from here. So whenever I am in Hyderabad, my father is the most excited! He always wants to know what I got to do, which is hilarious. I have been to Jubilee Hills, and let me tell you, the cafes over there are so restful and pleasant. That’s the beauty of this city: even though it’s fast-paced, it still has its nooks and corners where you can disappear for a while. I am having so many of my quiet moments here.” Surprising fact for our readers.
Well, its time for her to step into the huge south industry, hoping to have an unbelievable fan base, although she’s already coming for an uncharted territory made for herself on television. The actress answers, “A couple of years ago, when I had started acting, I tried really hard to break into the South Cinema, and I am not even kidding. It is very difficult because nobody’s waiting with a magic wand for you! It’s a struggle everywhere you go to grab a south offer. What I understood from an experience down south is that an actress needs to know the right kind of people to network with. The representation matters a lot! In fact, I am open to the right representations heavily and still haven’t found the veracious portrayal. Even so, television will always be my backbone.”
What’s amazing is that once the South people become fans, their loyalty is unwavering, and that’s deeply what the actress also wants under V. Jayashankar’s production. She continued, “A lot of our Hindi films have actually imbibed the South Masala, including action and dance sequences. The admiration that comes from the southern audiences for their favorite actor is so innocent; that’s what I am seeking. I wretchedly would want to make a fan base of my own down south.” To illustrate, she recalled with us the number of celebrities who have temples dedicated to them. That kind of stardom, do you understand?
“This language isn’t my first language. Now I know which words to stress! I have really been wanting to get into the hearts of tollywood fans; it’s been a long homecoming. I am keeping it really real with my character and hope to become a huge crowd favorite. Raveena Tondon was so happy for me, and I do remember consulting her on this post the magnanimous hit KGF, and the only suggestion she gave me was to be ready for the massive fandom love if the debut works out,” shared the debutant, who’s paired opposite actor Saikumar.
Not knowing what the future holds, Ridhima just wants to do some good work and “I am not at all missing the home-cooked food here. I am not used to having lunch prepared for actors on the sets, but it’s quite the opposite here. I am enjoying every meal arranged by Rana Daggubati’s production house. And I don’t wish to skip any of my meals! For the first three days I was out there, I was eating everything served to me. So much rice and rasam, including multiple chutneys! The crew is very innocent. And the minute you land in Hyderabad, Rana is everywhere (she laughed out loud).” All prepped for her promotional tours, the actress gives away the plan: “I have already kept my whole team ready. I know who I want for my hair, styling, and make-up during my Telugu promotions! I am going to go all out and go crazy talking about everything in movies. It’s a thing to be a South heroine! Nothing like it.”
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