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if BJP has guts to dissolve parliament

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PNS | Hyderabad

BRS Working President Industries Minister KTR strongly criticised the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He challenged BJP MP Dharmapuri Aravind and said that he should get what should come to Telangana rightfully from the Centre.

“If you have guts, dissolve Parliament and go for early elections and then even we will come along. Let people decide who is what,” KTR said. He spoke to the media after launching development projects in Nizamabad district.

KTR said that the budget to be presented on February 1 will be Modi’s last after that 2024 will be a vote on account budget.“It’s the Centre’s last chance to show sincerity towards Telangana by making allocations in the budget,” he said. He called upon the FM to increase the PMKiSAN instalment to Rs 10,000 a year like Rythu Bandhu from Rs 6,000.

Stating that BRS respects D. Srinivas, KTR warned Dharmapuri Arvind to stop using offensive language. “Don’t talk rudely. We can also talk like that but we are not uncultured like you.”

Dismissing the claims of KCR changing the names of Central schemes, KTR said, “I challenge BJP leaders on this occasion.  Maharashtra and Karnataka have your governments. Are there schemes being implemented in Telangana in those states? Are there schemes like Mission Bhagiratha, Rythu Vedikas, and water to every house anywhere in the country? Are similar schemes being implemented in BJP and Congress-ruled states?

You give awards that the best gram panchayats are in Telangana itself. Awards are given to our municipalities in Swachh Sarvekshan. Those who are in Delhi will be given awards. But these gully leaders are talking senselessly”

KTR reminded that before 2014, the country had 14 Prime Ministers. “The debt they contracted in 67 years is Rs 56 lakh crores. But Modi in these 8 years logged a Rs 100 lakh crore loan. Modi, who borrowed billions, has not done a single good deed.It is for the golden future of the children that we put the loans in the form of investments in the productive sector. We have not distributed it to corporate friends like you,” KTR said.

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