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Internet predicts Ali Merchant to be Tina Datta’s close friend ‘Zuzu’

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16 saw a rather flustered moment for contestant Tina Datta. Salman Khan questioned her for constantly naming her friend from outside the show namely ‘Zuzu.’

So finally, Tina Datta spilled some truth bomb on the show. She revealed that ‘Zuzu’ is her close friend. Since this disclosure has been made by the actress audience has got no calm and they have gone compelled to run their brains about who is ‘ZuZu.’

However, now we know who this mystery guy is and whose name Tina has been saying again and again. When talking about Zuzu, now we have learned that Zuzu is none other than the TV actor and DJ Ali Merchant who is very close with the Uttaran actress.

Everyone got curious about who Zuzu, could be. So here’s what we know. The Internet has predicted Ali Merchant to be the ‘close friend’ of Tina Datta and from then their pictures together have been going viral on social media. Various fan pages and Twitteratti’s has been going Gaga over it. Ali and Tina have been close friends for around 16 years now.

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