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Iron – calcium deficiency causes illness in women, says expert

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Dr Narmada H, a renowned medical Doctor, retd Professor, Gandhi Hospital, stated that about 70 per cent of women across the country, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, are suffering from iron and calcium deficiency. She spoke during the International Women’s Day event at Nizam College on Thursday under the Women Empowerment Cell of Nizam College. The programme was presided over by Professor B Bhima, Principal of Nizam College.
Dr Narmada said that according to a recent study conducted in villages, women in their forties look like they are 80 years old. The main reason for this is iron deficiency on the one hand and calcium vitamin deficiency on the other hand, women are affected by anemia, bone weakness and other diseases.
Therefore, she suggested that women can stay healthy by consuming foods rich in iron and calcium. The families of girls aged 12 to 22 years are advised to be careful about their health.    She said that girls need to be provided with all kinds of vitamins in abundance. Every woman above the age of 40 is advised to get the vaccine in three stages to prevent cervical cancer. It is also advised to do breast cancer tests. Taking junk and bakery food increases the fat percentage in the body tremendously and causes diseases like thyroid, hormones out of balance, diabetes etc. Therefore it is advised to stay away from these.
Hyderabad District Court retired principal judge Udaya Gauri, who was the guest of honour, asked the students and women to notice the power in you and find opportunities in your desired field. She said that it becomes easier to achieve what you want when you work hard towards the goal. If necessary, take the advice of the experienced and move forward.

Telangana High Court government pleader Shazia Parveen said that there is a lot of power hidden in women and urged them to fight and grow.
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