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Is CBI eyeing former officer for giving tips to politicians?

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It seems that a key development is likely regarding the Delhi liquor case. It is learnt that the CBI will inquire about a former CBI officer who is in Hyderabad. The CBI is going to issue notices to the officer soon, but it has not been confirmed. However, it has become a hot topic in political circles now.

The CBI has been investigating the case for several months in the state, which is linked to some important leaders and celebrities. Notices were issued to some of them and their statements were recorded.

However, it is learnt that it has come to the attention of investigating officers that a former CBI officer is providing support to key leaders and celebrities involved in the case. It is learnt that the former officer is giving training to leaders who have received notices about the CBI investigation and procedures in such cases, what kind of questions are asked, how to respond to them, what precautions should be taken while answering, how to deal with investigating officers and how to speak without being found out in the case.

It is learnt that the former officer came to the attention of the CBI. The CBI has a feeling that it is an attempt to derail the investigation into the case. It is learnt that they are focusing on the possibility of legal action. In fact, officers working in investigative agencies are not allowed to divulge information on duty. There are specific guidelines in this regard in service rules. In particular, it is against rules to divulge any material that may affect the investigation of the case either during service or after retirement.

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