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Is Prashant Varma directing Balayya?

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After the huge success of HanuMan, the craze for director Prashant Varma has increased like never before, and his every professional step is being widely followed. On Wednesday, the director shared a cryptic post on his social media.
The caption of the post read: “Babu.. ready babu.” The image shared by the actor reveals nothing except that he is on shoot. Ever since, this post has ignited a lot of curiosity, with some guessing the director is shooting Jai Hanuman and others saying he is filming an ad film with actor Mahesh Babu.
However, when we inquired, it was revealed to us that Prashant Varma is up to none of the above!
Prashant Varma had previously expressed his interest in working with Natasimha Balakrishna, whom everyone fondly calls Balayya or Babu. It is to be seen if the director is cooking something with Balayya Babu.
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