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Is SBI Modi’s bank? asks YS Sharmila

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Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president YS Sharmila Reddy, along with party workers, staged a protest in front of the State Bank of India (SBI) Gandhinagar branch. She asked whether the SBI is meant for the public or Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Sharmila displayed placards and raised slogans against the Central government’s decisions.
Speaking on the occasion, Sharmila alleged that the SBI is being sacrificed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She demanded that the Central government disclose the details of electoral bonds. She welcomed the Supreme Court verdict and alleged that the SBI is working as PM Modi’s bank.
Further, she said that to benefit more financially, the BJP introduced these electoral bonds and termed them as BJP’s quid pro quo. At the directions from the court, the Central government should disclose all details about the electoral bonds, she said.
If the details of electoral bonds were to come out, the BJP would face severe problems, she added.
She made it clear that the Congress party is not afraid of asking for details. If PM Modi has courage, then he should reveal the details of electoral bonds, she said.
Former Central ministers JD Sheelam and Pallam Raju, party leaders Sunkara Padmasri, Naraharasetti Narasimha Rao and others participated in this protest programme.

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