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Is TS bar on CBI probe infructuous?

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Although the Telangana government barred the CBI it is continuing operations as usual in the state.It may be recalled that the Telangana government had issued orders on August 30 withdrawing its consent to the CBI to operate in TS. But the state government’s orders did not prevent the CBI from functioning in Telangana.

Whether the CBI is ignoring state government orders or the state government itself is ignoring its orders has become an interesting point of discussion in political and official circles.

In the Delhi liquor scam, the CBI has issued a notice to TRC MLC Kavitha, the daughter of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, asking her to appear for questioning. The CBI also asked Kavitha to intimate them of a place of her convenience in Hyderabad or in New Delhi for the questioning.

Replying to this Kavitha asked the CBI to question her at her Hyderabad residence. Official sources said that when the state government withdrew its consent and barred the entry of the CBI into TS, it has to seek the permission of the state government to investigate any person in Telangana.

The CBI has to seek the permission of the state government for entering the state to question TRS MLC Kavitha in connection with the Delhi liquor scam. But it is not clear whether the CBI will seek the permission of the state government or come directly on December 6 to question Kavitha. Interestingly, a few days ago the CBI issued notices to TRS Minister Gangula Kamalakar and TRS MP Vaddiraju Ravi Chandra as witnesses in an impersonation case.

The CBI also conducted raids and investigations in Telangana in some other cases after August 30 even though the state government had barred its entry into the state.Based on orders issued on August 30 the state government can bar the CBI from the state. But the state government is not in the mood to make the Kavitha issue a bigger one. If the state government refuses permission to the CBI to enter TS it may lead to a controversy and the CBI may also arrest her. The State government does not want any unnecessary headaches. Keeping this in mind it appears that the state government kept silent over the entry of the CBI.

If the state government bars the CBI from entering TS to question Kavitha it will become a political issue and the BJP may use it as a weapon to damage the image of KCR and the TRS.

If the state government bars the CBI it will question Kavitha in New Delhi. When there is no possibility to prevent the questioning of Kavitha by the CBI in the Delhi liquor scam there is no use banning its entry. Moreover, the opposition may use it to allege that Kavitha is afraid to face investigation as she fears that her role in the Delhi liquor scam may come out and the people may believe it. If the CBI is allowed to question Kavitha the TRS can say that she faced the CBI bravely.

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