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‘Isha was terrified as soon as she saw me in the BB house’

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Actor Samarth Jurel, whose entertainment in the Bigg Boss house made him the “biggest entertainer” of the show, gets candid with
The Pioneer about his eviction, getting rejected by his partner initially, and more.
Just like how his entry into the Bigg Boss show was a shock for all, with multiple accusations and controversies around, so was Samarth Jurel’s recent eviction. During his eviction, all of the housemates were certainly in tears, notably his lover, Isha Malviya. Samarth gained notoriety as the show’s “biggest entertainer.” On Bigg Boss 17, his on-screen debut left fans disappointed, but with time, they came to love his connection with his girlfriend, Isha Malviya.
In a special interview with us, Samarth denies pre-planning anything for the show since, even if you did, it would fail miserably. “My admission to the show wasn’t altered! I don’t regret anything. I used that platform with extreme caution. Unlike Munawar Faruqui and Vicky Jain, I had no control over what I said. I have made numerous mistakes, spoken and done many inappropriate things, and gone wrong in many different situations. Although I regret it, my only motivation was irritation,” says the 23-year-old.
All of the participants on Bigg Boss 17 have had an incredible ride, and Samarth Jurel’s time on the show came to an end. Samarth, who is in a relationship with Isha Malviya, joined the show as a wild card competitor after his girlfriend was spotted hugging her ex-partner, Abhishek Kumar. Samarth gained notoriety after Abhishek slapped him in a recent episode. The former competitor discussed his partner’s behaviour on the show, expressing, “My initial reaction upon her rejection of me as a partner in a public setting was to try to figure out what was going on inside her head. Her age is only twenty years. She is still extremely young, thus. She was terrified as soon as she saw me because she never would have thought that I would be attending the show in this manner and bringing our connection to the public’s attention. Her responses were therefore appropriate.”
Isha was startled at the time, which made it painful for Samarth. Though he knew she would eventually accept their relationship, there was a slight anger. Abhishek informed him that he was terrified when he entered the room, even though he knew Samarth was coming. The statement, “I shouldn’t have made fun of his mental health, agreed. However, I had my own motives. Additionally, Abhishek Kumar has made numerous remarks to me that have really woun ded me. It’s also unacceptable that he passed off the remarks he made about my girlfriend. I didn’t poke him because I was enjoying some kind of sadistic pleasure.”
According to Samarth, every accusation made by Isha is accurate. Like many parents, Abhishek’s mother also covered up her son’s transgressions. He has seen Isha apologise to Abhishek numerous times in their discussions. In one chat, Samarth also revealed that he even requested that she submit a photo of her damaged eye.
Nothing is a lie because he used to cry during video calls. He smacked her. As far as the other co-stars are concerned, nobody smacks in front of everyone, so they are denying it outside. He continues, “It became incredibly necessary for me to restate at one point. I couldn’t have maintained eye contact if I had remained silent when my girlfriend’s ex was trying to be aggressive with her. I’m happy with my stance towards my partner, so it’s acceptable if my stand has drawn criticism from the general public. Besides, this wasn’t my strategy. Even though I received a slap on national television, I’ll overlook it since I’m so emotionally resilient. Abhishek then admitted his wrongdoing and offered me an apology. I ask the upcoming contenders to concentrate just on entertaining, as I will no longer be pushing and poking.”
In the end, he concluded by saying, “And I wouldn’t want to listen to Priyanka Chahar if she is truly of the opinion that I should be slapped. Some folks just need the opportunity to get on other people’s backs and voice their ideas. And I would like to reject these irrational conversations about my public affection for my relationship with this interview. There’s no need for anyone to exaggerate because she’s my girlfriend, and I have her approval.”
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