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“I’ve always looked at love with a lot of love”, popular GenZ actor Tara Sutaria shares her views on self-love

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‘Before anyone else, there was you’– the importance of self-love is at the heart of Bumble’s new campaign for Valentine’s Day this year. Bumble, the women-first dating app, collaborates with popular GenZ actor Tara Sutaria to launch a new campaign ahead of Valentine’s Day to encourage self-love. The social film is slated to drop on Monday, February 13, 2023.

When asked about what self-love means to her, Tara Sutaria shares, “I think self-love or loving yourself means so many different things to different people. To me and to so many of us, I know that this will resonate because we all went through a pretty rough time recently when COVID hit the world and I think self-love took a new shape and meaning for all of us. All of us learnt to slow down and truly understand ourselves, begin to hear ourselves and therefore, love ourselves. I’ve always loved the Idea of love – call it utopia, idealistic – and I’ve always looked at love with a lot of love, but I’ve never really looked at myself with that sort of love so it’s taken me a lot to get to where I am today which is learning to really and truly understand every part of myself – the good, the bad, the ugly – everything that comes with being human, I suppose.”

When asked about qualities she looks for in her future partner, Tara adds, “I don’t necessarily or intentionally look for qualities in a partner or somebody that I’m with but I’ve realised over the years what is important in every relationship in my life–my friendships, my family and all other relationships – life can be pretty hectic and complicated sometimes but what really helps, especially in the bad times – is a really good sense of humour. And, I think, especially with the kind of lifestyle that I have, it’s very important to look at things with a pinch of salt and just enjoy the mundane and the crazy days. It’s not always possible and it might sound a bit idealistic but I think I look for that quality more than others in all the relationships that I have in my life.”

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