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‘I’ve confronted it head-on, regardless of a run of bad luck’

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Actress Seerat Mast, who has been currently gaining much accolades for her recent stint in Fighter, speaks to The Pioneer about her experience working in this film, working with some biggies in the past, and more.
Seerat Mast, well known for her role as Naina Jaisingh in the film Fighter, has had an adventurous and challenging personality from birth. She instantly connected with Naina’s fearless personality! She underwent rigorous training and research under the direction of seasoned professionals to prepare for her role as a fighter pilot, and now we have another exclusive interview because the movie Fighter has become an instant hit on Netflix!
Seerat stated, “I had a few readings at the Marflix office, and they were quite detailed with regard to the nonverbal cues of the characters. I was assigned sequences with a lot of critical circumstances in them! My dialogue had to be delivered quickly, in a jagged manner, and without giving too much away. Even the way the eyes moved was crucial.”
Seerat had her skincare game on point for all the photo sessions with Hrithik. Apart from this, as we went ahead in this chat, she disclosed, “I have worked with Amitabh Bachchan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni throughout my brief tenure in this profession. Thus, I had no fear whatsoever of Hrithik Roshan! I never even had time to try to break the ice or talk to him. I was touching his forehead with my eye the next thing I knew. But my legs began to tremble a little as he said, ‘Hello, I’m Hrithik. Let’s do this.’ I was a little nervous, to be honest. It was such an intimate scene! My heart was pounding as he held my face. My director then requested that I also hold Hrithik in order to decompress. I am now less nervous about the days ahead in this industry.”
Speaking about her dream to work on a film as kind as this, she shared that she was at the right spot and that her life was giving her cues! “I have a really strong mentality because I was an athlete in the past. I have confronted it head-on, regardless of the industry’s bias or a run of bad luck. My career took an unexpected turn after seeing this film, especially for my parents, who don’t know anything about the film industry and live in New Zealand. This was the first time they had ever discussed anything I do in the entertainment industry, but they never had before. I don’t, however, have any expectations for this industry. That’s how it’s better. I will receive whatever is meant to come my way.”
Additionally, Seerat Mast underlined, saying, “More work has to be done in Rakshak—I was a part of that also. I barely had time to prepare or even perform my rehearsals. We shot it in a flash! As an actress, that kind of knocked me off my feet. A mental breakdown was intended to happen early in the morning, right after I finished my coffee, on the sets of Rakshak. Since I too fiercely defend my family, there was a natural connection between me and my Rakshak character.”
“I haven’t really started making friends in this industry until the last two years. If people were unaware of my existence, how was I expected to be contacted for auditions? It really got under my skin. I am now putting more of myself out there! I’ve now become somewhat established in the field.” So far, she has comprehended that. “I certainly want to play the lead in bigger, more ambitious films if I’ve entered this field, but I’d also like to expand to the Western market. I am not restricted to Bollywood alone in my mind! I would even consider doing films in the South.”
Seerat was a talented athlete before she became an actress. She was a professional squash player in New Zealand. Seerat, whose family has a long history in sports, finds inspiration in her Olympian mother, Balkrishna Singh Grewal. Seerat has overcome obstacles with poise and tenacity, from juggling part-time jobs as a youngster to following her aspirations in the cutthroat business of acting today.
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