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J.D. Chakravarthy: I will never do paralysed roles just to obtain some brownie points

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After wooing the fans with the recently released trailer of Dayaa, renowned actor J.D. Chakravarthy gets candid with The Pioneer over an exclusive chat about his upcoming project Dayaa.


The trailer of J.D. Chakravarthy’s Dayaa undoubtedly renewed our interest in the established genre of thrillers — it’s mixed with appreciable action and a great deal of crime. All meant to get spectators on the edge of their couches, not waiting but dreading to see what happens next.

The Siva fame concurs. Having a frantic day with back-to-back interviews, still and all he indulged with us in an exclusive conversation so mirthfully. “Of course, I am playing the role of a driver but he’s very tender-hearted so I had to show compassion throughout. As soon as he stumbles upon a dead body in his van — I have to go into an absence of light. That’s the eventual gloom suspended over me. But, having said that, personally analysing who she is and how she ends up in that van becomes my moment of murk in the series. Even after so many little whiles of shadiness, the movie is not dingy for me. Because it’s got lots of vigour apart from what you saw in the trailer. For the very first time, you’ll gape at the criminal world with vibrancy, the world of crime is not wearing those typical long overcoats, or driving in black cars. Most importantly, to date, I never understood why there are girls around a don?”

Capturing life in a quaint fishing village, the Pavan Sadineni directorial brings an unusual story of a freezer van driver with a dark past. The Satya fame continued the tollywood excerpts, “When we got underway with the look tests, there was my disappointment! The rustic touch (he laughed). And that outlook was finished in less than fifteen minutes. I was taken aback. My director made me understand you are deemed to be film-driven, don’t worry about a thing. I am wearing a loose shirt, trousers, and earplugs, and my disappointment was on an optimistic level. Withal was staggering because my look test was done! My character is coming from a rural background but as the story progresses, you’ll forget his bucolic touch. Now, it’s up to the viewers to dissect whether he’s camouflaging due to situational circumstances or was he always like that. But, the narrative is going to be very interesting to watch.”

A mystery remains at the core of the series as it explores morality, dark pasts, and the cost of unearthing the truth. Unraveling more with the actor, “I will never do paralysed roles just to obtain some brownie points — physical disabilities brings unhappiness with it. I have a feeling the paraplegic people will not be feeling jolly-looking actors playing them because it’s really a regretful incident in their lives. Non-fulfillment can never bring delightment on screens. This is my personal belief as an actor, as an individual.”

Dayaa is a very special project for him as it marks his debut in the Telugu OTT space. At first, he was taken aback by the concept as it is not something you think of every day. It was not just the script that made him want to be a part of this story, but it was a series of inspiring moments in the story that fascinated him, and only a director with great prowess is capable of that. He feels grateful to have received a layered and nuanced character for this milestone in his career. “The way my director expressed the scenes of port areas was incredible — I would say it otherwise, the way any director represents the storyline holds a lot of importance. Content cannot be the king as a lone wolf even on OTT! The right actors and the right locations are more of a consequence, it’s my own discovery. These two factors can actually develop an average film into a successful hit. It was very difficult for us to shoot in a fishing village, it’s so humongous with so much chaos. Forget about visualising a market! The first two days all of us used a number of perfumes because it was stinking to high heaven. After two days, all of us came to a conclusion to hell with it because we have to shoot here every day.”

A man of few words, his character diligently toils to secure a livelihood for the betterment of his family. Conversing on similar lines, we discuss, “Sounds nice to talk about sympathetic stories, but I will never try to concoct one. I am a very frivolous person in real life. I absolutely don’t take anything seriously in my life! I don’t even understand these salutations we give to each other on a daily basis. Because I live and breathe in practicality! I don’t have friends in this industry to start off, with. Moreover, hate talking over about my anxieties to anybody else. It’s an unintelligent move! Whether your film has flopped or your consort has bid you farewell, keep it to yourself. I don’t understand why few actors announce it on social media, the depression will only multiply.”

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