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Jagadish blames govt for drought-like situation in State

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Former minister and MLA of Suryapet Jagadish Reddy has alleged that a drought-like situation is prevailing in the undivided Nalgonda district and the crops are withering away. It was a man-made drought, he said.
Addressing media here on Wednesday, the Congress rulers rendered the Kaleshwaram project ineffective out of vendetta against former chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao.
Not less than 5,000 cusecs of water are available in the Kaleshwaram project, he said, but the Congress government is in no mood to release water for irrigation.
The Congress assured the farmers to provide irrigation facility under SRSP Phase-2 and advised them to sow their crops in the ayacut lands, but, he alleged.
He dared ministers to visit the farmers and gather information about crop loss suffered by them. The crops withered away due to the negligence of the rulers. It was not he the natural calamity, he felt.
In the undivided Nalgonda district, the standing crops withered away in three lakh acres pushing farmers deep into debt. In Suryapeta district, the crops dried up in at least 25,000 acres.
As the government failed to waive crop loans of farmers, the farmers are forced to borrow money from moneylenders, he said.
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