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Jagan dubs Naidu a habitual liar

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Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy fiercely criticised the opposition alliance during a public meeting in Madanapalle as part of his ‘Memantha Siddham’ yatra in Annamayya district on Tuesday, asserting that habitual liars like TDP Chief Chandrababu should not be trusted. Addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister remarked, “I see a multitude of warriors here, determined to defeat the anti-poor opposition coalition.”
He questioned the audience about their commitment to safeguarding and furthering the development of every household, town, and social group, emphasising the importance of empowering people, including the welfare of senior citizens and children. “Are you all prepared to showcase the achievements in every corner of the State, ensuring YSRCP’s victory in all 175 assembly seats and 25 MP seats?” inquired the Chief Minister, rallying the enthusiastic supporters.

Highlighting the YSRCP government’s track record, he proudly stated that 99 per cent of its promises had been fulfilled, likening the manifesto to sacred texts. “After five years of effective governance, I stand before you with pride, asserting our accomplishments,” Chief Minister Jagan remarked, urging voters to support him if they have benefited from government programmes.
“The opposition parties are unable to confront me individually, hence they unite like a pack of wolves,” Chief Minister Jagan remarked.
Drawing a parallel with academic exams, he questioned whether students scoring 99 marks would fear exams, while those scoring 10 marks could pass. “Chandrababu failed to deliver even 10% of his promises during his previous tenure… do you think he can measure up to your expectations?” questioned the YSRCP chief.
“Through Direct Benefit Transfers and other schemes, we have disbursed over Rs 3,75,000 crore to the people. Mention Chandrababu and nothing significant comes to mind, whereas Jagan’s tenure signifies welfare, development, and integrity,” asserted the Chief Minister.
Chief Minister Jagan launched a scathing attack on Chandrababu Naidu, labelling him a habitual liar. “In 2014, he promised to waive off farmers’ loans and provide Rs 25,000 to newborn baby girls, jobs for every household, and state development akin to Singapore, but none materialised during his tenure.”
“His pledge to establish hi-tech cities remains unfulfilled. His manifesto contains over 650 promises, most of which are forgotten after elections,” he added.
Accusing Chandrababu of scheming to harm Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister Jagan alleged attempts to disrupt pension payments during elections, stating that “a leader like Chandrababu should not be trusted.”

Encouraging voters to support the fan symbol, he emphasized that their votes determine not only the fate of MPs and MLAs but also the future of their children

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