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Jagan not eligible to continue as CM : Vangalapudi Anitha

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The president of the woman wing of the TDP and party politburo member, Ms Vangalapudi Anitha, on Wednesday felt that the Chief Minister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, who could not provide security for women in the State is no longer eligible to continue in the post.

After meeting the women, who sustained injuries in the attack by, what she called, the goondas of the YSRCP leader, Mr Devineni Avinash, Mrs Vangalapudi Anitha told media persons that Mr Jagan, who brought in the GO No-1 only to prevent the public from attending the meetings of the TDP national president, Mr Chandrababu Naidu, should immediately be expelled from the State. Pointing out that innocent women belonging to the Minority community, who were only demanding pension for them, was brutally attacked by the henchmen of Mr Devinei Avinash, she asked is this the women empowerment that Mr Jagan has been claiming.

“What is the reply of the Home Minister, who is a woman, for this incident,” Mr Anitha asked and felt that the Home Minister always confines herself to home whatever happens in the State. The autonomous Mahila Commission, which served notices on Mr Chandrababu Naidu, is keeping silent now. She wanted to know as to why the commission is not coming out to stand by these victim women now.

Observing that Mr Jagan directed the IAS officers to criticise the Opposition parties which are coming out with facts that the pensions for women are being withdrawn, Ms Vangalapudi Anitha said that a couple committed suicide as the payment of their pension was totally stopped. How dare the Government to attack those who are raising their voice, she said.

The henchmen of Mr Avinash, who attacked Ms Ramija and her family members, in turn filed a police case against her and her family members, Ms Anitha said and demanded a reply from the women Ministers on Mr Avinash’s atrocities. Maintaining that the incident will be taken to the notice of the National Women Commission, she pointed out that as per the National Crime Records Bureau on an average 45 cases of atrocities on women are being reported daily from the State.

Does women empowerment mean taking the State to the top position in prostitution, she asked and felt that Mr Jagan is no longer eligible to rule the State as women, who could not make their both ends meet, are resorting to prostitution. Even Ms Sharmila, the sister of Mr Jagan, and their mother, Ms Vijayamma, left the State, Ms Vangalapudi Anitha said and added that even Mr Jagan’s wife, Ms Bharathi, too does not respond when women are being subjected to this kind of persecution.

Ms Vangalapudi Anitha demanded that weapons be provided for women for their security and made a mockery of the statement of the Minister, Ms Roja, that Mr Jagan will come much before the gun. “Mr Jagan can not and will not come as he is unfit to be the Chief Minister,” Ms Vangalapudi Anitha said.

The victim of the attack, Ms Rameeja, said that the Chief Minister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, should remember that if women start revolting he can not imagine the situation in the State. Does the Chief Minister expect women to remain behind the doors, she asked.

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