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Jagan’s declaration takes Oppn, analysts by surprisec pradeep kumar

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The YSRCP, under Jagan’s leadership, has demonstrated a knack for obtaining precise information on electoral outcomes.
According to Kommineni, the battle between the marginalised and the elite has resonated deeply with the electorate, with many expressing their support for the YSRCP in a subtle yet resolute manner.
In a surprising move, Jagan Mohan Reddy, before his departure abroad, visited the IPAC office to assert the party’s confidence in securing a landslide victory in the recently concluded elections. He boldly proclaimed that the YSRCP would clinch over 150 seats, a statement reportedly substantiated by robust statistical analysis.
Insiders reveal that Jagan’s optimism stems from the success of an app utilised during the 2023 Telangana elections, which accurately predicted Congress’s performance. This app, managed by the YSRCP’s central office in collaboration with the I-PAC team, conducted surveys of 1,700 individuals across diverse geographical locations on polling day, ensuring the authenticity of the data collected.
The app’s findings suggest a significant surge in support for the YSRCP, with an average vote share of 56% observed throughout the polling period, potentially translating to a victory in up to 156 seats.
Furthermore, while the app did not explicitly project outcomes for individual candidates, a senior YSRCP leader hinted at potential defeats for Chandrababu Naidu and Balakrishna in Kuppam and Hindupur, respectively, while predicting victories for Pawan Kalyan and Nara Lokesh in their respective constituencies.
Political analyst Kommineni Srinivas noted the audacity of Jagan’s assertion, citing his past success in accurately predicting electoral outcomes. He emphasised the silent yet decisive support for the YSRCP among voters, attributing it to Jagan’s populist narrative of empowering the marginalised against entrenched interests.
Srinivas suggested that Jagan’s confidence may stem from insider information and serve

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