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Jana Sena loses steam as… Kapus question Pawan’s logic in settling for just 24 seats seelam arozie

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The much-anticipated electoral alliance between the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the Jana Sena Party (JSP) has hit rocky terrain, with internal discord overshadowing any hopes of a unified front. Despite initial excitement surrounding the tie-up, the aftermath has been marred by incessant bickering between the two parties, particularly concerning the selection of candidates and the intricacies of seat-sharing arrangements.
During the recent ‘Janda’ meeting held at Tadepalligudem, the impatience exhibited by Jana Sena chief, Pawan Kalyan, was palpable. In a departure from his usual demeanour, Kalyan expressed a staunch unwillingness to entertain advice or suggestions, insisting solely on the endorsement of his decisions. This stance has stirred discontent among his supporters, particularly within the Kapu community, which comprises a significant portion of Andhra Pradesh’s population.
While Kalyan has never overtly positioned himself as a representative of his caste, his close association with the Kapu community has been widely acknowledged. However, his unilateral decision to accept a mere 24 seats in the alliance, without consulting community elders, has sparked division and disappointment among Kapu members. This move has led to a schism within the community, with factions emerging in support of and opposition to Pawan Kalyan’s leadership. Prominent Kapu leaders, Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah and Mudragada Padmanabham have openly criticised Kalyan’s decision-making.

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