Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Jana Sena workers protest giving Vij-West seat to BJP

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The decision of Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to allocate the Vijayawada West Assembly seat to the BJP, as part of a political alliance, has stirred significant discontent within the party. This move has left many party workers disheartened and dismayed, particularly as it was widely anticipated that the party in charge, Pothina Venkata Mahesh, would be fielded as the candidate for this constituency.
The announcement has ignited a wave of outrage among Janasena supporters, who feel betrayed by Pawan’s decision to bypass Mahesh for the seat. This dissatisfaction has manifested in protests at the Janasena office in Vijayawada West, with vehement calls for Mahesh to be nominated instead.
In response to what he perceives as a betrayal, Mahesh is considering running as an independent candidate in the upcoming election. He underscores his unwavering commitment to the party and expresses his disappointment at not being selected as the candidate for Vijayawada West.
The internal discord within the party is palpable as backers of Mahesh criticise Pawan’s actions. They contend that securing the ticket for Jana Sena is pivotal for the party’s presence and advancement in Vijayawada. They question the wisdom of alliance decisions that prioritise other parties over their own and cast doubt on the allegiance of their party leadership.

Pawan Kalyan’s decision to allow the Vijayawada West seat to the BJP was driven by the strategic alliance formed with the BJP and TDP in Andhra Pradesh. This move was made to forge a robust coalition for the future and bolster the electoral prospects in the forthcoming elections.
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