Friday, December 1, 2023

Job aspirant ends life as exams are put off 

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PNS | Hyderabad

Flash protest erupted after a government job aspirant ended her life in Ashok Nagar.
Marri Pravallika (23) from Warangal was staying in Brindavan Girls Hostel in Chikkadapally and preparing for exams.

Fed up of repeated cancellation and postponement of exams, she committed suicide.
Students vented their ire and took out a flash protest. This led to a huge traffic jam at Chikkadapally. Aspirants demanded justice and apology from the Chief Minister KCR.
They raised slogans of “KCR down down.”

Police tried to disperse the crowds but there was a tussle. Aspirants reportedly stopped
the police from taking the victim’s body. The protest was underway as aspirants from institutes around the area demanded justice to her family.

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