Thursday, November 30, 2023

Job aspirants don’t agree with Revanth’s Naxal comment

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Government job aspirants contradicted Telangana Pradesh Congress President Revanth Reddy’s comment that job aspirants will turn into Naxalites if Congress is not voted to power. Ground reality is that no one is willing to choose extremism. Around a dozen aspirants told The Pioneer that no one dared to go to Naxalism and situation is not so bad. If they will not get any government jobs they choose private jobs or self-empowerment or there are many other opportunities. Aspirants say that if people are frustrated with the government they definitely show their power in the elections.
On Tuesday, TPCC president Revanth Reddy said, “In all, 30 lakh government job aspirants will turn into Naxalites if the Congress will not come to power in Telangana. They will have a fight with the State and consequently they will go to the jungle. This is not the reason for the Congress gave the State”.

Aspirant J Kiran from Karimnagar said, “Naxalism is not suited for this time. If aspirants don’t get government job they have plenty of private jobs. Even Naxalites chose that path due to feudal suppression. It is true that unemployed youth are not satisfied with the government jobs, but they will choose private firms.”  Banoth Rajender from Mahabubabad said, “Deprivation is one of the causes for Naxalism. Those who are not able to meet minimum necessities go to the forest. Drone cameras and technology have been developed a lot.  Surveillance has increased. So, no one dares to choose extremism.”  A few aspirants say that private jobs are fetching lakhs of rupees per month. Many of the aspirants have changed their route from government jobs to private jobs and they are focusing on learning the skills which lead to getting a private job.
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