Thursday, July 25, 2024

JSP MLA enters Assembly premises in traditional fisherman’s attire

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MLA Bommidi Nayakar made a striking entrance at the Assembly premises during the oath-taking ceremony by donning traditional fisherman attire. Hailing from the fishing community, Nayakar’s attire included a party scarf wrapped around his head and a ‘panche kattu’, complemented by a fish net draped over his shoulders. He sported a basket tied around his waist, making a unique statement as he stepped into the Assembly.
Nayakar, representing the Narsapuram constituency under the Jana Sena Party, garnered significant attention for his distinctive attire, a departure from the conventional legislative dress. Members from various political parties including Telugu Desam, BJP, and JSP extended their congratulations to him for his innovative approach.
His victory in the recent elections with a substantial majority from West Godavari District has set a new precedent. Nayakar expressed gratitude for the support received from the fishing community and credited Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan for championing their cause. Kalyan’s steadfast belief in the potential of fishermen played a crucial role in Nayakar’s electoral success.
“I dedicate my victory to the fishing community, whose concerns I will prioritize as I work towards the development of our constituency,” remarked MLA Bommidi Nayakar. His pledge underscores a commitment to uplift the marginalized fishermen community, whose welfare he aims to enhance through legislative efforts.

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