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‘Jyothika has always been a mother figure to me,’ says Karthi

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According to rumours making the rounds in Kollywood, star Suriya and his wife Jyothika have relocated to Mumbai. Some even speculate that the family is no longer intact. Suriya, however, said that they just moved to Mumbai in order to have children. Karthi, meanwhile, spoke up about the subject and said he saw Jyothika as his mother.

Regarding Jyothika, Karthi brought up the fact that, despite countless comments against Surya’s family being shared online, no one from their family has spoken up until this point. There have been a lot of comments on social media about how Jyothika’s involvement is seen as the main reason for the family’s split.

However, Karthi expressed his discontent with these remarks and responded, “I’ve never regarded Jyothika solely as an actress; she has always been a mother figure to me. Likewise, she saw us as her children. Currently, with my mom residing in Mumbai, our home feels empty. It’s not our doing that she is apart from us in this house. We cherish our moments with her (Jyothika) and find immense happiness in her presence.”

On the work front, Karthi is working on an exciting film titled Japan.

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