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K-pop sensation Aoora: The overall aspect of cleanliness is always an issue in the Bigg Boss house

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K-pop sensation Aoora, who recently made a remarkable stint in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss, gets candid with The Pioneer about the love he’s been receiving from the nation, his learnings from the show, and more.
Tejal Sinha
The love that K-pop sensation Aoora has received from India lately has been no less than overwhelming. From gaining immense doting from the audience for the Korean version of Bappi Lahiri’s Jimmy Jimmy to his stint in Bigg Boss season 17, now India has become a ‘second home’ for the K-pop sensation.
A super energetic Aoora, in our exclusive telephonic chat, we were in ‘Aww’, when he began with ‘Hello, Namaste, Main Theekh Hoon.’ He has had a really good time in the show, and, “Everyone welcomed me with a warm heart. Till the time I was inside the house, I was busy doing utensils, cleaning, yoga, and swimming.”
Initially, language did become a barrier for him inside the show, Arun had helped him out certainly, But, “sometimes he used to get involved in the fight so much that he used to forget that he had to explain everything to me.” Post the eviction, “I’ve become mentally and physically pretty strong as a person. Bigg Boss house has given me the strength to face everything in life.”
Well, Aoora was certainly one of the contestants who’d get along with all of his co-contestants. However, there were times when he felt really uncomfortable. For Instance, “When Ayesha had entered the house, she used to hug me and I was fine with it. But when she began kissing me on my cheeks, I felt really uncomfortable. Ayesha should have worked on her relationship with Munnawar, rather than kissing me on the cheeks. I didn’t like it at all. But there was also a time during my captaincy when Abhishek and Ayesha were having a conversation and I had pulled off the blanket. I agree, that was rude and I did apologise for that with her. Things have got clear between us.”
A learning during his stint in the show, or post the show for him has been—never to trust anyone and don’t believe everyone. Wait, but wasn’t something quite the opposite with him in the show, with everyone getting along with him. “When I was in the show, people had a different attitude towards me, and as I left the show, I saw a few clips that made me realise not to trust and believe anyone,” he says adding, “Arun is like my brother. I can trust him 100%. When Arun used to get emotional, I used to cry along with him.”
Initially, Aoora did feel skeptical about entering the show, but did not face any major issues as he thought he would. But rather, “Overall the contestants with me initially were very good. They praised me and everything. But slowly, I saw few contestants showing their Physco side. In fact, recently when Abhishek slapped Samarth, it was Samarth who has constantly been poking Abhishek, he even tried to stuff the tissue. How can one do that? After the eviction, I saw people talking about me behind my back, which I didn’t like.”
As we went on ahead, he did call out on the cleanliness in the house and said that there were people who’d not even flush properly. With a lot of brawls also happening around duty and cleanliness in the house, at some point in time, he shares, “Every day, there used to be fights among the contestants over the duty and cleanliness. During my captaincy also, I made a few tough decisions but the overall aspects of cleanliness are always an issue.”
We couldn’t refine ourselves from asking about his constant hair colour changing trend, and he gleefully enthuses, “I used to change my hair colour according to my vibe every day. If I was feeling a particular feeling accordingly I used to change my hair colour.”
He even goes on to recall how warm vibes the host of the show, Salman Khan has given to him. “When I was entering the show, he made sure that I got comfortable and also asked me not to worry about anything else and just be the real me. In fact, even during the Weekend ka Vaar episodes, he used to ask everyone to help me out in the conversations and activities, so I don’t feel left out and be equally involved.”
The K-pop sensation is already in the eyes of many artists, especially Mika Singh. And he goes on to reveal, “During the New Year celebration show, Mika Singh came out to me and appreciated me a lot and asked me to ping him up once I was out of the house. I’m soon going to drop him a text and I just cannot wait for this collab. I’ve always received love from India. But after my eviction, the kind of love and the support I’ve received was something different. I always say that India is my ‘second home’ now. Jai Hind.”
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