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Kadapa steel plant just a drama: Manohar

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Jana Sena Party (JSP) Political Affairs Committee chairman Nadendla Manohar has described the State government’s proposal to establish a steel factory at Kadapa as a drama.

In a statement here on Tuesday, Manohar ridiculed the Chief Minister’s statement that a steel factory would start functioning in three years that would churn out 25,000 jobs.

Earlier, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for the establishment of a steel factory a couple of years ago assured of preventing migration from Kadapa district eking out a livelihood. But the government failed in setting up the steel plant in Kadapa.

“Now, the Cabinet meeting approved to establish the steel factory by the JSW company at a cost of Rs 8000 crore. Initially, the government announced the establishment of a steel factory by Liberty Essar steel at a cost of Rs 17,000 crore.

The government later announced that a Switzerland-based company would establish the steel factory at a cost of Rs 12,000 crore but it went back,” he said, adding that now the JSW entered the scene to construct the steel factory, he pooh-poohed.

The government should disclose why the companies had withdrawn from the project earlier and why a new company agreed to establish the steel factory in Kadapa. Manohar said that a berth was allocated in the Krishnapatnam sea port, especially for the Kadapa steel factory, and asked the government for which company the berth was sold.

Meanwhile, Nadendla Manohar visited the fishermen’s colony at Dummula Peta in Kakinada on Tuesday. He interacted with the fishermen and knew their problems. “The government has ignored the problems of fishermen and it only focused on criticising Pawan Kalyan. The government has failed in extending financial assistance to the fishermen during the period when they could not venture into the sea for fishing,” he slammed.

Despite the fact that there are no proper dumping yards, the government is collecting garbage tax, he alleged. Jana Sena is the only party that fought against the GO 217 which had come as detrimental to the livelihood of fishermen, he recalled.

Liquor is being sold at exorbitant prices and ganja is available on every street, he alleged and said ganja has been made available in the open market and the anti-social elements are being extended patronage, he lambasted.

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