Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kajal Aggarwal: It’s pleasant to see present generation girls going forward with amazing strategies

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After getting married and ageing up, surely Kajal Aggarwal’s superstardom has slowed down a bit. And with the advent of other starlets like Pooja Hegde, and Rashmika Mandanna a couple of years ago, and the likes of Sreeleela and Neha Shetty now, surely this 38 year old siren is no more the sought-after lady. Still, she gets a lot to get paired with senior heroes as she had films like Balayya’s Bhagawant Kesari and Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 in the offing.

While promoting her latest movie Bhagawant Kesari, the senior heroine made some interesting comments on the present generation of star heroines including Sreeleela. “Our times were simpler; at that time, paps photographs, and Instagram were not even important. But now, the game changed. And this girl, Sree has a lot of potential to go bigger and bigger”, said Kajal.At the same time, she added, “During our times, we went with the flow but the present generation girls are going forward with amazing strategies and planning, which is incredible to see.”

What is good about Kajal Aggarwal is that, usually senior heroines try to downplay the fame and potential of their juniors.There are many instances where some starlets cried foul and spoke ill about their heir apparent. But then, the Maghadheera siren has no such qualms and she is full on praise for the young talents.Well, looks like Kajal wants to stay here more time and forever maybe.

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