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Kaliyuga Nagaramlo has good message for youth

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Ramakanth Reddy, who is all set to make his debut as a director with the upcoming Kaliyuga Nagaramlo, gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing some exclusive insights about the film and how he got the idea for the film.
K. Ramya Sree
We have another new director, Ramakanth Reddy, making his debut in Tollywood with the film Kaliyuga Nagaramlo, produced by Nani Movie Works and Rama Creations.
The film, starring Vishwa Karthikeya and Aayushi Patel in lead roles, is being released in Telugu by Annapurna Studios. As the film’s content was impressive, the renowned banner has come forward to release the film in Telugu, and the director is happy to have a big banner backing them.
Releasing on March 29, the film will show the lives of people in Kaliyugam and their lives in town.
Set against a Nandyal forest backdrop, the director says that the story of this film has a link to the forest and medicinal plants. “In addition to the suspense thriller, the film has a special sentiment. Along with that, there will be love, action, and a message. Many fathers out there have social phobias. My son should be like this, should do this, and should do what society says. Children’s feelings are ignored. The story will also highlight that point,” shared the director in this interview with us.
Many wondered if the film was based on real-life incidents, and the director clarified that he wrote the story based on a few incidents he came across in life, one of which he narrated: “Earlier, when I used to work, I once witnessed a pregnant woman travelling back home from Bengaluru while reading a psychology book. ‘We know what we have to do,’ she remarked in response when I told her that she shouldn’t be reading such books while pregnant. I didn’t talk about anything beyond that. She continued reading that book throughout the journey. That’s when this story’s idea originated. Additionally, we have recently seen how kids are growing up outside. When writing the story, I took all of these things into account.”
The director was so passionate about films that even after having a full-time job, he used to work as a ghostwriter for a few films. It was during COVID that he realised he should enter the film industry full-time.
This film has an intense story, and Ramakrishna was looking for an actor who could play such a character. He was impressed by the portfolio of Vishwa Karthikeyan; hence, he roped in Vishwa to play the lead. Furthermore, he also shared that this film has a good message for college students. He shared, “There will be a message telling them what’s good for them. Producer Obul Reddy gave us complete support and asked us to shoot at his college in Kadapa. The film was shot there so that even college kids should watch it. It will be useful for people who have an interest in entering this field; they should also know this message. We shot for 39 days in Kadapa in two schedules, and another schedule for 10 days in Hyderabad. The title and trailer launch were also done in Kadapa, as the producer said, Let’s do it there. We will do the rest of the promotions here.”
Lastly, the director believes this film has come out very well, and he now plans to make a sequel to it called Kaliyuga Nagaramlo.
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