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Kaliyugam Pattanamlo review: Informative and engaging

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Kaliyugam Pattanamlo review: Informative and engaging

Cast: Vishva Karthikeya, Ayushi Patell, Devi Prasad, Roopa Lakshmi, and others

Story, dialogues, screenplay, direction: Ramakhanth Reddy

Producers: Dr. K. Chandra Obul Reddy, G. Maheswara Reddy, and Kattam Ramesh

Cinematography: Charan Madhavaneni

Music: Ajay Arasada

Editor: Gary BH


Mohan (played by Devi Prasad) and Kalpana (played by Roopa Lakshmi) are blessed with two sons, Vijay (played by Vishva Karthikeya) and Sagar (also played by Vishva Karthikeya). They live in Nandyala. Both the sons are completely different from each other. Vijay is scared of blood, but Sagar enjoys it. Scared of the repercussions one might have to face because of Sagar, he will be admitted to a mental hospital at a young age by his parents. Shravani (played by Ayushi Patell) meets Vijay in college, and she falls in love with him at first sight. She hunts and kills the wild beasts that commit rape. A police officer (played by Chitra Shukla) comes to stop the atrocities in Nandyala. What were her discoveries? Who is the good Vijay, or Sagar? And whether the problem is solved or not is the remaining story.


Vishwa gets to play two different roles in the film, and for an actor with his experience, an opportunity like this to display his talent in different shades is an added benefit, and he did a good job in portraying the emotions of Vijay and Sagar. Apart from displaying emotions, he was good with his dance moves too. On the other hand, Ayushi Patel impresses in the first half. Her performance will be dominated by Chitra Shukla in the second half. Ayushi made a good debut; however, a little length to her character would’ve been better.


The film has a good message to convey. The film takes off on a good note, and it goes on in an interesting way in the first half. But as the narrative goes on, the pace slows down in the second half. The same momentum is not seen post-interval; however, the peeling of twists in the second half engages the audience. The climax saves the second half.

The director, despite being a debutant, narrated the story well. The concept he has chosen for the film is impressive. It educates and informs the audience about certain events. The screenplay is clean and interesting. The first half was full of questions and riddles. The answers will be found in the second half.

On the technical front, the music was racy. The production values, too, were made felt.


Overall, this is an informative and engaging film with a few hits and misses. But the story and the narration make it to the list of must-watch films at least once.

Rating: 2.75/5

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