Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kalyan Shankar to direct Tillu Cube

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Known for his involvement in the writing of films like Jaathiratnalu, writer-director Kalyan Shankar of MAD fame is now busy carving out MAD2, while he is also entangled in the writing of some of the upcoming projects of Sithara Entertainment. But then there’s another big hint coming from sources in the Sithara compound!
Kalyan Shankar was also involved in the writing of Sithara’s recent superhit Tillu Square as well and reports are now coming that he will be involved with this franchisee more directly now. They say that after wrapping MAD2, Kalyan will be kickstarting the shooting of Tillu Cube with Siddhu Jonnalagadda and a new heroine in the lead. Already the writing works of this new film are in discussions, after Siddhu and Kalyan developed a new idea for the sequel.

It’s surprising to see that the three Tillu films have three different directors including the first one directed by Vimal Krishna, second one by Mallick Ram and now Kalyan Shankar. However, for now, the details of this third installment are kept under the wraps.

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