Monday, June 24, 2024

Kamal Haasan’s insightful perspective: “Good Things Take Time” 

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In response to queries regarding the prolonged duration between the release of his iconic film Indian and its sequel, renowned actor Kamal Haasan offered a thought-provoking insight, drawing parallels from India’s cricketing history. He aptly compared the delay to the gap between India’s first and second cricket World Cup victories, succinctly asserting, “Good things take time.” This analogy resonated deeply, emphasising the significance of patience and persistence in attaining significant milestones. 
Haasan’s profound observation struck a chord with many, underscoring the notion that meaningful achievements often require dedication and endurance. By referencing India’s cricketing journey, the actor underscored the value of resilience and drew parallels between two of India’s biggest passions, cinema and cricket, both of which require immense skill and a lot of blood and sweat in order to achieve excellence. 
Meanwhile, Indian 2, will be released in theatres on July 12. The producers released the first song from the film Paaraa on Wednesday. Composed by Anirudh Ravichander, Paaraa is a delightful blend of his vocals and those of Shruthika Samudhrala, with lyrics penned by Pa Vijay. The lyrical video doesn’t show any scenes from the film, but a closer look reveals it’s exploring the back story of Kamal’s Senapathy. The animated video shows a man fighting a war against the British during the Independence movement while his lover awaits his safe return.

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