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Kamareddy’s verdict will change Telangana politics: Revanth

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TPCC President Revanth Reddy said that the verdict of the people of Kamareddy would change the course of Telangana politics.
He was addressing the Vijayabheri Sabha held in Kamareddy town on Tuesday.
Revanth said that the people of Kamareddy should give a noble verdict as KCR is contesting here to grab lands. He said that if you vote for KCR he will grab your lands worth crores.
Revanth said that he wanted to visit each village and campaign but the TPCC President’s responsibilities were too much and that he could not come due to that.
“Vote for me and make me victorious. I assure you to meet everyone and solve all your problems. Don’t be fooled by KCR’s words,” Revanth said.
He said that KCR has not done anything for the people in the last 10 years. He cheated the Vaishyas by not setting up the promised Vaishya Corporation. But the Congress has decided to establish the Vaishya Corporation.
Similarly, Revanth promised to set up a special welfare fund for Gulf returnees and that Rs 10 lakh would be given to the families of workers who die in accidents. The Congress has taken a decision to help with children’s education, he said. He also promised to help beedi workers.
“It is certain that Congress will come to power in the state. After coming to power, the Congress will establish an industrial corridor in Kamareddy,” he said.
KCR is like a snake, if you vote for him he will bite you, he said while speaking at the Vijayabheri Sabha held at Domakonda in Kamareddy constituency on Tuesday.
Revanth said that believing KCR is like feeding a snake with milk and that even if KCR wins or loses he would be sleeping in his farmhouse.
Revanth said that he is contesting here to protect Kamareddy lands by fencing them.
He criticized KCR, who has been the CM for 10 years and said that he cheated the local MLA. He said that KCR could not give double-bedroom houses to the poor, could not give title deeds to their lands, and couldn’t give jobs to the unemployed but now he is asking for votes.
He said that KCR suddenly remembered his mother’s village Konapur just before elections even though he did not remember it even once in the last 10 years. He said that KCR never helped supported Gulf workers and Beedi workers.
“KCR is contesting in Kamareddy and not Siddipet and Sircilla. KCR came to Kamareddy to take away the lands of the farmers here. The master plan has been temporarily halted. He will grab your lands again after elections,” Revanth warned.
He said that only if the Congress comes to power, the poor will get social welfare benefits and promised to implement the Congress’s six guarantees to bring about Indiramma Rajyam.
The Congress will come to power and Rythu Bandhu benefits would be given, Revanth said at the Bibipet Sabha on Tuesday.
When Indiramma Rajyam is established on December 9, it is our responsibility to credit Rythu Bandhu funds in your bank accounts from December 10, he said.
Revanth said that KCR came to Kamareddy with a trick and added that Gajwel’s lands were grazed like pigs by KCR. He gave Siddipet to his nephew and Sircilla to his son. In Nizamabad, the people defeated Kavitha and dumped her.
KCR is contesting here to grab the lands of farmers in Kamareddy. Konapur, which has not been remembered by KCR for many years, has now been remembered by him, he said. Revanth promised to implement the six guarantees of the Congress after coming to power.
“I appeal to the 30 lakh unemployed in Telangana to become TS protagonists in polling booths and make the Congress win. Only if KCR’s government is buried will the souls of Telangana martyrs would be in peace,” Revanth said.
Revanth was addressing a roadshow in Malkajgiri on Tuesday. He said that Telangana’s 60-year-old dream came true due to the sacrifices of hundreds of people. He said that Telangana, built on the sacrifices of many, was transformed by KCR into a Telangana built on lies.

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