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Kannappa storybook is here

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The long-awaited Kannappa storybook is finally here. Celebrating his father Dr. Mohan Babu’s birthday, Manchu Vishnu released the book. The film Kannappa is the ambitious projects of Vishnu Manchu. The actor is making this film on a very huge budget starring Mohan Babu, Vishnu Manchu, Mohanlal and other biggies of Indian cinema.
Manchu Vishnu plays the title role in the latest interpretation of the story, written by him and directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh, best known for his television adaptations of Indian epics “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata.”
Talking about it, Vishnu said, “I wanted everyone to know about this story. The comic book, much like the movie, was my dream to reach the most stirring story I had ever read to the world. I wanted young people to own their history and I felt this was a great start to start owning our roots. This was not a monetary endeavor for me. I was emotionally attached to the story and I wanted the world to be inspired by the grit and devotion of Kannappa.”

Meanwhile, the birthday celebrations for Dr. Mohan Babu and the Mohan Babu University 32nd annual day celebrations were a resounding success. Renowned actor Dr. Mohanlal graced the occasion as the honorable chief guest, while Mukesh Rishi attended as a guest of honor. The event was a delightful affair enjoyed by all in attendance.
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