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Kanti Velugu camps drawing large crowds

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John pasapala

The second phase of the Kanti Velugu eye check-up programme got an overwhelming response on the very first day, with 1,60,471 screenings.Officials reported that 1,500 camps were set up across the state and 37,046 reading glasses made in Telangana were given away immediately to the public and 33,210 orders were placed for patients who needed prescription glasses. Most camps run out of tokens a few hours after inauguration. Camp teams revealed that only 120 tokens will be given away every day, although some places accommodated more.

A report said that 72,580 men, 87,889 women and two transgender persons were screened across the state on Thursday.Of the 1,500 camps, 522 were set up in urban areas while 978 were set up in rural areas. Although 115 camps were to be set up in GHMC limits many areas did not have any camps.

There was no Kanti Velugu camp or any preparations at the Adithya Nagar Community Hall in Sanath Nagar and at the Venkataramana Community Hall in Khairatabad, despite officials’ announcement that all camps will commence on January 19, 2023.

ANM T. Vijaya Lakshmi said, “We had planned only 120 check-ups today but we accommodated around 160 people. Minister Talasani visited us and told us to ensure that everyone receives spectacles on time. So far, we have given 93 reading glasses on the very first day. Ten people required prescription glasses. We have placed orders and will distribute them in 15 days. Nine people require more check-ups and surgical intervention, They have been referred to Sarojini Eye Hospital.”

Rama Latha of Somajiguda said, “I got my eye check-up done today. Doctors did several tests free and asked me to take glasses.The ANMs gave me reading glasses and asked me to use them when I read. I am very happy with the glasses, thanks to the Telangana government.”

Each camp is assigned a team of 10 people including a doctor, an eye doctor, a pharmacist, ANMs and Asha workers.The team ensures the smooth functioning of the check-up, Those who do not require medication or glasses will be sent away while those who need glasses will be either given immediately or within 15 days, depending on need and availability.

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