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Kapus have a big role: Pawan

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Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan has called upon the Kapus to play a vital role in politics and not compromise on self-respect. He asked Kapus to defeat the YSRCP in the next elections.

Addressing a meeting in the state office at Mangalagiri on Sunday, he said that the Kapus should play a vital role in state politics to defeat the YSRCP.

“I am running the Janasena party in adverse conditions. Enduring humiliation, I have stood before you. If all Kapus had voted for me in the last election, I would have won the two constituencies from where I contested. The Kapus did not vote for the JSP and it itself exposes that JSP is not a party of Kapus,” he made it clear, stating that he had accepted the defeat.

“I have got applause from the crowds but unfortunately that applause failed to turn into votes in the last election,” he lamented. Referring to the Rs 1000 crore deal which is being speculated linking him, he ridiculed the Rs 1000 crore deal and stated that a political party can not be run with the money. The JSP is being run on the basis of ideology and not with money, he said.

Stating that buying votes in elections is objectionable, Pawan Kalyan asked the Kapus if it is inevitable, to take money from the political parties but vote for the Janasena party.

He reiterated that the JSP is an independent party and it does not work for the agenda of any other party. He also underlined the need of implementing social engineering as an election strategy.

He asked the Kapu community leaders to give importance to three issues including being united, voting for JSP, and do not vote for the YSRCP. “Do not compromise with self-respect. Do not degrade the Kapu caste. If the leaders want to criticise me, they can criticise me but they should not degrade the Kapu caste,” he stated.

Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that reservations to Kapu caste were not possible but he was elected to power, he pointed out, and asked why the Kapu leader (Mudragada Padmanaham) who launched an agitation for reservation for Kapus, does not raise his voice now. He called upon the Kapu community people to support the leaders from their community now instead of installing statues after their death.

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