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Kate Winslet breaks Tom Cruise’s breath-holding record

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Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is poking fun at Tom Cruise after breaking one of his impressive records.

While filming Avatar: The Way of Water, Winslet famously held her breath underwater for seven minutes and 47 seconds, reports People magazine.

The actress, 47, recently spoke with USA Today about training for her latest movie, and the moment she officially broke Cruise’s previous record after he lasted for six minutes while shooting Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in 2015.

Though Winslet said that Cruise hasn’t reached out to her since she broke his record, she shared a message for him with the outlet: “Poor Tom.”“I mean, I don’t know Tom Cruise at all – I’ve never met him in my life – but I’m sure he’s getting very fed up of hearing this story of how I broke his record,” she joked. “I loved it, though … I was amazed how good I was at it and how I just kept getting better.”

According to People, Winslet also credited her husband Edward Abel Smith (formerly known as Ned Rocknroll) for helping her practice.“Ned is an extremely fit, healthy person and is capable of a great many things,” Winslet shared with the publication.“He trained with me so that if I needed to practise without our instructor there we were safe because you really can’t do it by yourself. It’s the same as scuba diving: You have to have a buddy. It’s a sport, it’s a skill, and your body adjusts to be able to do that thing. So having Ned there was very important.”

Sigourney Weaver, who stars alongside Winslet in the follow-up to 2009’s original Avatar film, told USA Today that she’s okay with Winslet holding the crown.“We were delighted for Kate that she did that,” said Weaver. “My husband (theatre director Jim Simpson) and I both did six and a half minutes, which was astonishing to us and our teacher, Kirk Krack, who teaches the Navy SEALs. Everyone had a personal best.”

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