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Kavitha questions absence of Edn Min amid rising student suicides

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BSMLC K Kavitha on Tuesday criticised Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy for not having an Education minister in his Cabinet. The State is witnessing a concerning rise in student suicides. Four girl students have committed suicide in the past 15 days in Backward Classes and Scheduled Castes welfare schools
Kavitha emphasised the urgency for the government to take action and conduct an immediate review.
She expressed her dismay at a series of suicides of female students in Gurukula schools. She appealed to the Chief Minister Revanth Reddy should immediately focus on this and urged him with folded hands to review the performance of Gurukula schools and save the lives of girls. It is suggested that the number of counselors should be increased to reduce the mental stress of the students as it is the time of examinations.
Kavitha visited the family members of Asmita, a student studying in Scheduled Castes Gurukula School, Imampet, who committed suicide recently. She along with BRS MP Badugula Lingaiah Yadavand former MLA Bollam Mallaiah Yadav visited and consoled Asmita’s mother and family members in Burkacherla village under Mote mandal in Suryapet district on Tuesday. Financial assistance was given. It has been announced that the BRS party will support the family.
Speaking to the media on the occasion, Kavitha said that it is sad that Asmita, a student of SC Gurukula School, committed suicide and that another student committed suicide in the same school a short time ago. Two weeks ago, two female students committed suicide in Bhuvanagiri Gurukula School. She said that she was disturbed by the series of suicides of girls.
“More importantly, the government should not think about whether the students of class 10 are under the pressure of exams. It is clear that such series of incidents are happening in the background of forming gurukulas and educating lakhs of children. Why are girls pressured to commit suicide as they are sensitive? Is the syllabus not good? Is the number of councilors less? Is there any lack of facilities? Will quality food be delivered on time? Chief Minister Revanth Reddy shud a review on such issues. Currently, the Education Department does not have a full-fledged Minister, so it is suggested that the Chief Minister himself should take the initiative to conduct a review”, Kavitha said.
It was mentioned that the number of counselors should be increased so as to remove the mental stress of the students during the examination. Also, the parents of the students were also asked not to put pressure on marks and ranks.
However, She observed that the investigation in the suicide incidents of female students is not progressing. They demanded that a committee be appointed to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the Bhuvanagiri incident as well as the suicides of Imampeta hostel students. She made it clear that the government should stop its careless attitude.
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