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KCR corporatised politics, no need for RRR

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Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) President Prof. Kodandaram said that BRS President Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao corporatized politics.

He said that politicking with money should be stopped and that the standards of politics have fallen due to big money. The lives of people would be destroyed if political standards fall, he said.

Kodandaram said that KCR has been misusing power and resources indiscriminately. BRS leaders are engaged in land and sand rackets and are busy enforcing settlements using force.

Settlements and illegal rackets have disturbed Telangana, Kodandaram said. He said that lands around Hyderabad were being registered in the KCR family’s name.

“Did you see the business of leaking TSPSC examination question papers? All systems were destroyed in the last nine years. There is no future for Telangana if politics does not change. There is no village which is not being looted under KCR’s rule,” he said.He said that there is no need for a new Regional Ring Road (RRR) and that the RRR is being constructed only to help real estate sharks.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, he said that he will unite democratic forces to fight KCR. Protests will spread to all constituencies, he said. and added that he will launch a ‘Telangana Bachao Yatra’ from Prof. Jayashankar’s village Akkampet to Medaram on June 21. “We will organise conferences on Dharani and Telangana Bachao,” he said.

He said that the BRS government did not give Rs 10,000 ex-gratia to farmers who suffered damages due to the unseasonal rains and that SCCL is being privatised on the sly.

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