Friday, February 23, 2024

KCR ignores corruption by MLAs in welfare schemes

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Four months after warning BRS MLAs over corruption in welfare schemes, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao gave almost all of them tickets.

In April, KCR told the party’s plenary held at the Telangana Bhavan that he had a list of MLAs who were extorting up to Rs 3 lakh from Dalit Bandhu and 2BHK housing scheme beneficiaries after the BJP and the Congress coined the slogan of ‘30 per cent corruption government.’

Political analysts said that the CM is either afraid to take action or the allegations are wrong. Let alone announcing new candidates, KCR reportedly endorsed corruption, the opposition said.

KCR might have taken the opposition by surprise by declaring 115 candidates in one go, but those responsible for corruption and abetment of suicides were given tickets again.

Putta Madhu reportedly had a role in killing the lawyer couple, Vaman Rao and Nagamani in Manthani. Durgam Chinnaih is facing allegations of sexual harassment by one Sejal who attempted suicide twice. Vanama Venkatesh’s son Raghav reportedly had a hand in the suicide by a family.

It may be mentioned here that the CM has files about the corruption of his MLAs, but decided not to act on it. Encouragement to criminalised MLAs will create fear among people, analysts said.

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