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KCR may face tough competition from Stalin in national politics

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In national politics, BRS President Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao may face tough competition from his friend, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin. Recent political developments indicate this.

KCR planned to celebrate his birthday on February 17 in a big way inviting national political personalities. On the same day, the CM wanted to inaugurate the new secretariat and after that, he wanted to hold a huge public meeting at the Secunderabad Parade Ground.
But the Election Commission turned down KCR’s plans as the election code came into force after the notification for MLC elections was issued.

But the same plan was implemented by Tamil Nadu CM Stalin. He held a huge public meeting on March 1 on his birthday which was attended by national political personalities.

Here the interesting point is whatever the reasons may be KCR invited Tamil Nadu CM Stalin to the public meeting which was proposed to be held on February 17 on the occasion of his birthday, but Tamil Nadu CM Stalin did not invite KCR to the public meeting which was held on March 1 on the occasion of his birthday.

Stalin is older to KCR by a year. On February 17, KCR turned 69 and Tamil Nadu CM Stalin turned 70 on March 1.

During the meeting, former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah said, “The DMK stands for everyone from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.” He also said that it would be better if Stalin become the country’s Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, compared to KCR, Stalin is politically in a stronger position. It is commonly understood that if the Congress-led opposition gets a chance to form the government the first choice for the PM’s post will be Rahul Gandhi. But he has made it clear that he will become the Prime Minister only if the Congress gets a majority on its own to form a government.

In these circumstances, if the opposition wants a Prime Minister from South India, Stalin will be their first choice. The Congress thinks that Stalin is a reliable political friend.

Moreover, Telangana has only 17 Lok Sabha seats while Tamil Nadu has 39 seats. During the last Lok Sabha elections, in Telangana, the BRS won only nine seats out of 17 and in Tamil Nadu, the DMK and its allies won 38 seats, and in this DMK got 22 and the Congress eight.

In Tamil Nadu, there is no strong opposition to Stalin like KCR has in Telangana. In the next Lok Sabha elections there is every chance of the DMK getting more seats than the BRS. Winning more seats will give an additional advantage for claiming the PM post. KCR also may not have any objection to supporting Stalin.

In the same way, Stalin may not have any objection to supporting KCR. But here the important point is that between KCR and Stalin, the Congress will support its old reliable ally DMK than the BRS if it becomes the kingmaker.

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