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KCR proves he is fit as a fiddle

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hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao who was battling a viral infection two months ago proved to be fit as a fiddle by addressing 96 public meetings. The almost 70-year-old BRS Chief addressed four meetings a day on average during his election campaign.
Without any break, KCR visited four constituencies a day and attended campaign meetings.
KCR attended 96 Praja Asharivaad meetings and created a record. On October 15, he started in Husnabad constituency took a break on Diwali and ended it on Tuesday at Gajwel.
During his tour, KCR went around four constituencies by helicopter in a day. He did not take a step back even though two or three times the helicopter developed snags. Even though he was late by an hour, he went via road, attended campaign meetings and encouraged BRS activists. KCR participated in BRS Praja Aashirwada Sabhas for almost 45 days.
During the last 60 days, BRS Working President KTR played a key role in taking forward the BRS campaign across the state. He addressed massive gatherings during 70 roadshows, delivered speeches at around 30 public meetings and sector-based meetings, and interacted with BRS workers and leaders through 150 conference calls.

Health Minister Harish Rao campaigned for 60 days and attended around 80 campaign meetings and roadshows. Harish’s visits to districts by car and helicopter brought BRS victory closer. He held teleconferences with BRS cadres in many districts while travelling by car.

MLC Kavitha campaigned extensively in 10 constituencies by participating in around 70 roadshows, rallies and meetings. She has been staying in Nizamabad for around a month now.

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