Thursday, December 7, 2023

KCR seeks a landslide mandate again

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PNS | Hyderabad

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that he had launched the BRS election campaign and hoped that the party would return to power with 95 to 105 seats to quicken the pace of development in Telangana.

“In 2018, I came here to address the first campaign meeting during the Assembly elections. With the support of the people of Husnabad, we achieved a landslide victory with 88 seats and a three-fourth majority. Today I have come here to visit you after giving B-forms to all BRS candidates and releasing our manifesto as per the suggestion of elders, he said on Sunday.

In Husnabad, narrating his government’s achievements, KCR said that Telangana had become the number one state in per capita income, power consumption and drinking water supply in the last nine-and-a-half years of BRS rule. Recalling that he had started his campaign for the 2018 Assembly polls from Husnabad and had come out victorious KCR said the constituency should lead the BRS to victory with 95 to 105 seats in the upcoming polls.

Attacking the Congress without naming it, KCR said the opposition party is asking for a chance again when it has not brought development with the 10 chances it was given earlier. “Some parties are asking you to give them a chance. But they were given 10 chances earlier. You people (Congress) ruled for 60 years from here till New Delhi (from state to centre). Even after 75 years of Independence, there is poverty in this country, which is disgraceful. We should be worried about it,” he said.

KCR said the Congress must take the blame for the “present state of affairs” in the country, and warned people to be wary of the party.

“There are two or three issues pending here. The Gouravelli project (reservoir) has to be completed. I will take responsibility for that. After the election is over, in five or six months we will complete it on a war footing, and I will come to release water in the same capacity (as the CM),” he said requesting people to vote for the BRS candidate.

KCR said that all pending projects will be completed after the party returns to power.

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