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‘KCR was ashamed to say Jai Telangana at Khammam meet’

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TJS President Prof. M Kodandaram said that KCR was ashamed to say Jai Telangana at the BRS’ first meeting held at Khammam on Wednesday.

Releasing the posters of the ‘Chalo Delhi’ programme at the TJS office on Thursday, Kodandaram said that he does not think that the Chief Minister’s promises to the people of Telangana will be met.
He said that all projects on the Krishna River are pending. The Kaleshwaram project’s embankments have been completed but the canals have not been completed. It is a lie to say that the Kaleshwaram Project is over, he said.

He accused the state of making the state indebted due to the Kaleshwaram Project. He said that BRS leaders were grabbing the lands of the poor at will.

He asked KCR to reveal whether he is against the private sector and had handed over half of Singareni to the private sector. He said that the state was destroyed in nine years but not developed. He said that KCR’s words are not matched by deeds, that is, education, medicine and Singareni have become private. Kodandaram said that on the 30th of this month, they will fight on the share of Krishna waters and on 31st we will hold a seminar on partition guarantees.

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