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KCR’s defiance a strategy

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CM wants to see BJP walking into his trap


There is a strategy behind Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s defiance. He is the only Chief Minister in the country who didn’t celebrate Republic Day with the Governor. He celebrated R-Day at the Pragathi Bhavan, honoured the day, the martyrs and displayed his patriotism.

For the Chief Minister who is so particular about maintaining the federal structure and upholding the values of the Constitution, this defiance seems strategic. The Governor, Dr Tamilisai Sounderrajan, said that she would send a report to the Central Government on how the state government failed to follow guidelines on Republic Day and the sequence of events.

Political analysts believe that the Chief Minister wants the Centre to take a tough stand against him and thereby walk into his trap. Like his opponents, KCR is aware that the Telangana sentiment will no longer fetch him votes.

Even the Delhi liquor scam, the MLAs’ poaching case and continuous raids by Central agencies didn’t create any public sympathy for the BRS. At the moment, KCR wants to be at the receiving end and let the Centre take a tough stand against him. KCR wants the Governor to complain so that the Centre will take cognizance of the issue, will take a tough stand against the state and may be even impose President’s rule.

Political analysts believe that if there is a ceasefire violation by the Centre, the public mood will shift in favour of the BRS. In tune with this, KCR is gearing up for holding elections at any time.

The massive reshuffle of IPS officers, the expected one of IAS officers and the early budget session are indications of his preparedness.

Even if the Assembly is dissolved early, KCR will be the interim CM and Governor Dr Tamilisai will be at the helm of affairs.

Political analysts believe that if the Governor is given administrative powers things will turn difficult for KCR and his government. KCR thinks that he can then play the sympathy card and turn the wind in his favour.

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