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KCR’s is 30 percent Sarkar

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K Venkateshwarlu

TPCC President Revanth Reddy has accused the BRS government of large-scale corruption in setting up thermal power plants in Telangana.

He accused KCR of running a government that takes 30 per cent commission. He said that the Congress is ready to discuss 24-hour free electricity supply and asked whether KTR is ready to discuss the free electricity supply scheme.

“The KTPS, Yadadri and Bhadradri thermal power projects invited tenders for Rs 45,730 crore. 30 per cent of it was taken as commission by KCR. This is 30 per cent commission sarkar and KCR is the thief who looted Rs 15,000 crore through tenders,” Revanth said.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday, Revanth said, “If KTR tells me to which Rythu Vedika (farmers’ conclave) he will come, I will also come there, whether it is in Sircilla, Chintamadaka or Gajwel.”

Revanth challenged the TRS government to a debate saying, “Let’s debate the 24-hour electricity supply scheme with evidence.”

He criticised the BRS government for using the free electricity scheme for corruption and that the construction of thermal power plants has exposed KCR’s corruption.

The Congress increased power generation capacity beyond requirement by encouraging the public and private sectors. Revanth reminded that it was the Congress that provided electricity to 1,05,000 villages in the country.

He said the BRS government engaged in corruption on the pretext of solving the power shortage in Telangana by constructing thermal power projects. Revanth said that KTPS had invited tenders for Rs 5,280 crore in 2015 for generating 800 MW. A tender was invited for Rs 14,000 crore for generating 2,400 MW in Uttarakhand. BHEL won the tender saying that one MW can be generated for Rs 5.5 crore. In Telangana, the NTPC invited tenders for Rs 10,997 crore for 1,600 MW. It invited tenders to generate one MW for Rs 6.80 crore. In 2011-12, a law was passed to generate thermal power through supercritical technology. KCR and KTR took a bribe of Rs 1,000 crore and got subcritical technology from Gujarat India Bulls, he said.

Revanth said that the project was handed over to BHEL for Rs 7,290 crore and the tender value of the 1,080 MW Bhadradri thermal project has been increased. Rs 9.7 crore is being spent to produce a MW, he added.

KTPS lost Rs 945 crore, Bhadradri Rs 4,538 crore and Yadadri Rs 9,384 crore due to KCR’s corruption. He said that corruption is going on in the name of constructing thermal plants.

He said that BHEL does only electrical work and does not do civil work while constructing power plants. Revanth accused KCR of handing over civil works to his followers. KCR has put BHEL in the front as otherwise people would question him about corruption, he said.

Revanth demanded that the government should reveal the cost of projects and the companies to which works were delegated by BHEL.

He said that since some days not a day goes by without BRS leaders cursing the Congress and me, Revanth said.

He said that CMD Prabhakar Rao said on January 30 that the BRS is cheating and that they are providing 24-hour electricity for everyone all these years, but that 24-hour electricity is single phase. Today, he left the press conference when asked about the 24-hour electricity supply scheme by journalists.

“I have made it clear in TANA that KCR should not use free electricity and public sentiments for selfish purposes. Free electricity is the idea of the Congress. But KTR is creating a ruckus saying that Congress has never given electricity. They are making a fuss about whether you want three hours or three crops. Let’s have a discussion in Rythu Vedikas. Wherever KTR organises a debate I will come there,” Revanth said.

“We have proved that free electricity is not being given. The logbooks of 3,500 substations in the state were seized after Congress MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy checked a logbook and proved this. People should know how the BRS government is using electricity for corruption,” he said.

“You have challenged… We are ready for a discussion. 24-hour electricity is given only for single-phase connections,” Revanth said.

“They are robbing in the name of buying electricity. They are looting Rs 8,000 crore to Rs 9,000 crore by showing bogus accounts. Where is this money going? Are you ready to investigate this?” Revanth asked KTR.

“You are saying that you are giving power for 24 hours. We are saying you are not giving. We will come with evidence. Let the people decide,” Revanth said.

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