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Keep your vagina happy during periods

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The menstrual cycle is the monthly biological process by which the uterus discharges blood and tissues. According to World Bank estimates, on a daily basis, 300 million women menstruate. The menstrual cycle disrupts their daily activities and produces discomfort such as muscle cramps, soreness, overall weariness, and acne. As a result, it is critical for women’s health to maintain menstrual cleanliness and health. Dr. Vanaja Shivkumar, Consultant – obstetrician & Gynecologist, Reproductive Medicine, Milann Hospitals, Kumara Park, shares a few tips that need to be taken care of in order to stay safe from vaginal infection during periods.

Change sanitary napkins: Changing sanitary napkins regularly is one of the essential components of menstrual hygiene and vaginal health and must be rigorously adhered to. Whether using sanitary pads, tampons, or any other product, it is suggested to change the sanitary product every 4-6 hours during the day, when we are most active. During the night, blood flow is diminished and can be exhausted.

Maintain a single sanitation method: Many women utilise combinations like two pads or a tampon plus a pad to improve blood absorption. Though both products offer benefits and drawbacks, it is best to use only one at a time to avoid infection. During heavy flow, women need to use one sanitary napkin and change it frequently. Chances of infection more with tampoons compare to sanitory pads.

Disposal of the napkin: The product must be adequately wrapped before discarding. They must be disposed of correctly and should never be flushed, as this can cause blockages in the toilet. Vaginal hygiene is another vital component of disposal, and one must carefully wash hands after the process to ensure that no bacteria or blood remain.

Choice of clothing material: People are becoming more aware of which clothing fabrics they should and should not wear. Wearing comfortable, lightweight, and flowy clothing during the period can relax women and help keep general health in check. Tight clothing can strain the body unnecessarily, causing sweating and creating a breeding environment for bacterial infection. As a result, it is best to wear cotton clothing during the menstrual cycle.

Stay hydrated: The easiest yet most critical thing for health is to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water throughout the day is critical, especially during the menstrual cycle. Dehydration during periods causes exhaustion and muscular pain because insufficient oxygen reaches the red blood cells.

Say no to sugar and spice: It is difficult to say no to sweets and spices during menstruation since we crave them so strongly. Sugar, in particular, increases the growth and survival of yeast in the body. Women endure bloating, extra pain, and acne aggravation during the periods, and sugar consumption may exacerbate the problem to some extent. As a result, it is best to avoid sweets and other things. Women do not need to abstain totally; instead, they should set a limit on their intake.

Don’t use soaps: Utilising vaginal hygiene products on a daily basis is a good idea. However, using them during menstruation can cause problems. Vaginas have a cleansing system that comes into play during the menstrual cycle.

Maintain vaginal moisturisation: The vaginal area of a woman’s body is the most delicate and sensitive portion of her body. Women can also use coconut oil or other non-fragranced moisturisers to keep them hydrated during the menstrual cycle, which is crucial for a healthy vagina.

Keep yourself clean: Menstruation makes every woman feel as if we need to clean down there more frequently, especially during heavy flow. As a result, shower regularly and keep oneself clean at all times to feel good and stay healthy. However, if already have an infection, never douche it.

Eat a healthy diet: It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables because they are an excellent and necessary source of nutrients and fibre, which are especially beneficial during menstruation when we experience severe pain. Consuming probiotics can also assist in maintaining bacteria levels.

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