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Kiran’s trip to Shimla; a reward after a smash at the box office

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After a phenomenal success of his recent film Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha, actor Kiran Abbavaram tipped himself off with a trip to Shimla, and why not! The Pioneer quickly connected with the actor to learn more about his recent trip.


The actor who is currently a talk of the town for all the obvious reasons, Kiran Abbavaram, had his dreams, and becoming successful wasn’t easy for him, either. After a great run at the box-office with his last movie, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha, a well-deserving trip was biding his time.

He got carried away with his persistence so much that he was cheerfully spotted in Shimla the next moment! The summer capital of our country made him realise a lot about his hustle back in the city of Hyderabad, and with this trip, he actually took a break for himself. As soon as he landed back at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, we quickly connected with him to get the full deets about his excursion to the most satisfying hill station of all times.

“The vibe was so different from Hyderabad. I felt a little calmer and more relaxed. Back here in the city, I am pushing roughly every day without a dead stop. As actors, we hardly get time to walk candidly anywhere across the country, and Shimla was one such place. Without the pressure of being mobbed, I was taking a stroll along the streets, gazing at its architecture.”

As soon as he mentioned “architecture”, it made us register not only its majestic nature but also the historical moments the city has witnessed from the British era.

He continued, “I just love an extremely cold climate! Took a bike ride through the snow-capped mountains till Manali. When I took a cessation, having “chai” in that climate by the “tapri” was everything to cease the moment.”

It has always been far from the blistering heat of the rest of the country. Sitting at the foot of the Himalayas, the place was relatively cool for him, which is one of the biggest reasons why he headed towards Shimla after a successful run at the box office. He shared some more insights. “To know more about its culture, I visited a village in Shimla. The knowledge that I learned from the villagers was incredible. They are so well connected to the natural world. In spite of the limited resources in Shimla, they are content with the lifestyle that they have created for themselves. I asked one of them, “Don’t they want luxury?” and they nodded. They took me deep inside their village, and I noticed they were growing their own apples in an orchard. They are cultivating their own vegetables, too. When I returned, the local Himachali food was ready for me! It was from the heart; I felt it.”

When he was done scouting the village, he moved to the age-old architecture that we spoke of in the beginning and received the information: few of the important buildings of Shimla were built by locking stone with a mixture of wood in it, only to prevent it from an earthquake. Interesting detail!

The beautiful mountains of Shivalik were calling him, and they had etched beautiful memories of a lifetime in his heart. It was an experience where words failed to explain the pleasure of the trip for him. He also mentioned, “I am not a boutique-resort fanatic at all. If and only if I am going to stay in Jaipur, I ask my manager to book the best property for me, or else I am happy to go with accommodations that offer the comforts of home at a home-away-from-home. I want to be somewhere across the globe where it’s not thronging at all. I see the everyday bustle on sets and needed a break sometime. Away from the phone calls, back-to-back meetings, and hectic shooting schedules. So, whenever under intense pressure I am planning an instant getaway, you’ll find me enjoying under the waterfalls or by the beach. I can’t stay at one property ever; I like visiting now and then to meet new people.”

Not everything goes as planned. Sometimes, when on a weekend getaway, the Telugu actor also had his fair share of mystifying experiences. With so much participation, he described to us what happened: “One of us forgot the route at midnight. I wasn’t alarmed at all! Uncommonly, we were touring around a mountain repeatedly in the dark. There were no directions and no source of light other than our headlights, but because I had six of my other friends with me, we made the most of the atypical adventure. We laughed our guts out.”

Never pre-planned any vacation, SR Kalyanamandapam fame “It has become a ritual for me now. After every release, it’s a must for me to take a trip! The last time I traveled, I didn’t opt for a luxury one. I traveled by train with my same old buddies. But East Godavari will always be an extra-special place for me. I shot my first film there, argh.”

With tremendous results at the box office, he didn’t forget his true purpose. Without bragging, he rewarded himself with a memorable trip to Shimla for coming this far and achieving success. The Pioneer wishes him good luck in all his future endeavors too!

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