Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kishan Reddy rushes to Delhi after a phone call

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It is reported that as part of the Central Cabinet meeting, priority will be given to Telangana issues especially in the context of Telangana elections

The political activities has intensified in BJP state Unit. It is reported that Union Minister and BJP State president Kishan Reddy rushed to Delhi after receiving an urgent phone call. It is reported that as part of the Central Cabinet meeting, priority will be given to Telangana issues especially in the context of Telangana elections.

In this order, it seems that the Union Cabinet is likely to take some other important decisions along with National Turmeric Board and Tribal University. On the other hand, Kishan Reddy will meet BJP leader Amit Shah. It is reported that there is a possibility of discussing Telangana assembly elections with him.

A day after Prime Minister lashed out the ruling party BRS, the BJP unit in the State has become more aggressive ahead of polls in Telangana. The political war between BJP and BRS in Telangana has intensified in the State. On the occasion of Modi’s arrival on Tuesday, BJP State president and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy on Wednesday took to his X handle and lashed out at Minister KTR and the BRS government run by CM KCR.

Kishan Reddy’s aggressive comments against the State government came after Modi said that he is revealing a secret about KCR. Modi went on to say that KCR wanted to be a part of NDA to which PM Modi letdown the request. Later, KTR termed that Modi’s comments as blatant lies.

Lashing out at KCR, Kishan Reddy said that he (KCR) said that he did not need any posts, that he would be guarding Telangana like a dog and that he would make a dalit as the CM, but when he sat on the chief minister’s chair, Kishan said that he understood what KCR’s desire for office and statehood was.

He said that KCR, had given positions to the entire family and chased away those who stood in the way of his and his family’s growth and added it looks silly when KCR talked about democracy. BJP president said KCR, could not come to the Secretariat, complained to the Prime Minister that he was tired, and accused KCR of trying to make his son the king.

He said that this BRS party who was heaping praises on PM Modi now levelling allegations against the Prime Minister just for a sole reason. Along with KCR, BRS leaders including his son, daughter and son-in-law has been attacking the Prime Minister and the BJP on several occasions.

With the facts revealed by the Prime Minister, the people of Telangana have now understood what KCR’s cronyism, state ambition and office ambition are and how dangerous it is to support him.

Should KCR’s family member be the Chief Minister of Telangana? Shouldn’t the thousands of movement leaders who fought at the risk of their lives for separate State become the Chief Minister? He asked. He accused KCR of being a low-minded person who threw mud at the original activists who stood in his way and kicked them out of the party.

It is said that KCR has degraded and criticized Modi for the sole reason that he has deprived them of the positions they deserve, and the reason for their outcry has come out today.

Kishan Reddy called upon the people of Telangana to recognize the cunning mind, narrow mindedness and deceit of KCR and Kalvakuntla family, who trampled the aspirations of hundreds of immortals for their aspiration for political benefits, and to remember the aspiration of the movement and to break the barriers of the elite and speak loudly.

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