Friday, June 14, 2024

Kotamreddy surrenders two gunmen to govt

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The political situation is taking an interesting turn in the Nellore district and the political heat rising as rebellion YSRCP MLA Kotamreddy has taken another significant decision by surrendering his two gunmen to the government.

Government two days ago curtailed the security of Kotamreddy from 2+2 gunmen to 1+1 gunmen. Expressing anger on the reduction of his security, Kotamreddy here on Sunday surrendered the two gunmen and made it clear that he did not want security being provided by the government.

Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy called his two gunmen before the media and announced that he was surrendering the gunmen, stating that he is giving a return gift to the YSRCP government.

“I am not scared of the reduction of my gunmen. My followers will provide me with security. Despite my security being reduced at a time when I am receiving threatening calls, I will not retreat,” he maintained.

It may be mentioned here that Kotamreddy made phone-tapping allegations against the government while the YSRCP leaders including Kakani Govardhan Reddy and government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy dismissed the allegation. The Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy episode heated up politics in the Nellore district.

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