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KTR lashes out at CM, rakes up TS self-respect issue

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BRS Working President KTR lashed out at Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy on ‘X.’
“Let alone self-respect, Revanth Reddy doesn’t have Telangana’s soul. They said that it was our karma that such a person became the CM of Telangana. Telangana’s self-respect is invaluable. It is our misfortune to have Revanth as the CM,” KTR said.
He concluded by saying that Telangana will tolerate everything, but will not tolerate its self-respect getting damaged.
He said that Revanth is attacking Telangana’s self-respect with Modi as his witness. “How can you compare the Golmaal Gujarat Model with the Telangana Model?” KTR asked.
“We are the ‘Ganga-Jamuna Tehjeeb Model’ but Revanth likes the ‘Godhra Riots Model’ which is spreading venom in the name of religion. Until yesterday, Revanth was firing at the Gujarati Model. Today, when he was given a seat next to the Prime Minister he is hailing the Gujarat Model. That is Revanth Reddy,” KTR said.
“Will you disparage the Telangana Model that the nation praised before Namo? Why hypocrisy against the Telangana who voted you to power? Will you mortgage the self-respect of four crore Telanganites at the feet of Modi,” KTR asked.

“Earlier, Revanth picked up a rifle at TS activists. Now he is striking a blow on the self-esteem of Telangana,” KTR said and warned Revanth that history would not forgive him.
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