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Kuppam tense: Babu blasts govt, police

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PNS | Chittoor

TDP chief Nara Chandarbabu Naidu, on Wednesday, lambasted both the State government and the police for creating hurdles to his visit to Kuppam. Speaking to media persons at Peddur of Kuppam, Chandrababu Naidu stated that the government brought in GO 1 imposing restrictions on the parties not to organise road shows, which clearly indicated that the meetings should be held only with the generosity of the ruling party.

He pointed out that Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy organised a meeting at Rajahmundry on Tuesday, and a holiday was declared for educational institutions there.

People were forcibly taken to his meeting.The TDP chief said that even Dwcra women were threatened with discontinuing their pension if they failed to attend the meeting.

He said that the people were being subjected to various kinds of problems if they failed to attend the ruling party leaders’ meetings.

Even those who were ill were not left out.As there was a lot of awareness among the public, they were now attending the TDP meetings on a large scale, he said and felt that the time had come for Jagan to go home.”He will not win again and has to go home,” the TDP national president said, and added that the people were now reposing faith in the TDP as it was the only party that could now bail out the State.

He said that he had asked the DSP as to why he was not allowed to move in Kuppam and wanted to know under which law his roadshow was being stopped. “The DSP tells me to make door-to-door visits to meet the people personally and interact with them,” Chandrababu said.

Asking the State government and the police whether the GO that was brought in on January 2 had any legitimacy, Chandrababu said that in the order, there was no mention of the amendment made in 1946 to the Police Act, 1861.

Earlier, a tense situation prevailed in Kuppam as the police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the TDP activists at S Gollapalli ilage in Santhipuram mandal.The TDP activists removed the barricades to go forward, which led to a grapple between them and the police.  

The TDP activists became furious when the police prevented them from proceeding to welcome Chandrababu Naidu. TDP leaders claimed that 10 activists including a woman activist were injured in the lathi charge.

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